Thursday 2 August 2012

Due to wet and stormy weather I didn't put the traps out on Tuesday night but decided to take a chance last night.  Luckily the rain held off until about 6am by which time I had reviewed the traps.  There were 60 moths of 23 species with 3 new species for the year.  There was also another Briseis Underwing (Catocala briseis), this time in my light trap.  The new species were, White-banded Carpet (Spargania luctuata), Straight-lined Looper (Pseudeva purpurigera) and Bronzed Cutworm (Nephelodes minians).  Unfortunately, the Straight-lined looper was a little worn. I've included photographs of Catocaline Dart which is showing a part of its underwing and another Hooked Silver Y which has a slightly different colouration than my previous images.  I was forced to take these photographs indoors where I always find lighting and tripod setup a little problematic.
Bronzed Cutworm (Nephelodes minians)

White-banded Carpet (Spargania luctuata)

Catocaline Dart (Cryptocala acadiensis)

Straight-lined Looper (Pseudeva purpurigera)

Hooked Silver Y (Syngrapha alias)

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