Thursday 23 August 2012

Back in Calgary it was a fairly quite night with 40 moths of 17 species. There was one new backyard macro, a Brown Sallow (Sympistis stabilis). I have seen this species only once before in the Waterton Provincial Park area. There was also another Subflava Sedge Borer Moth (Capsula subflava) in the light trap which was the freshest looking specimen I've seen so far. I've also included two other moths from my weekend trip in Waterton of which Black-disc Sallow (Brachylomia discinigra) was a new species.
Subflava Sedge Borer Moth (Capsula subflava)

Brown Sallow (Sympistis stabilis)

Black-disc Sallow (Brachylomia discinigra)

Puta Sallow Moth (Anathix puta)

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