Thursday 16 August 2012

It was a dry but very cool night.  In fact, when I went through the moth trap at 5:30 am this morning it was only 6.6 Celsius!  Luckily, it has now warmed up nicely so the moth numbers should start to increase again.  Anyway, there were 19 moths of 9 species in the bait and light traps including one Semirelict Underwing (Catocala semirelicta).  There was one new species for the year, a Collard Dart (Agnorisma bugrai).  I've also included a photograph of a male Finland Dart (Actebia fennica).  Males have a broad pale rusty-orange border along the inner edge of the forewings.  How about that!  I can actually determine the sex of a moth...! :)  Seriously though, this is one of a very short list...

Collard Dart (Agnorisma bugrai)

Finland Dart (Actebia fennica)

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