Friday 31 August 2012

With cool temperatures overnight the moth numbers continue to be low with only 13 macro moths of 12 species last night.  Celery Looper (Anagrapha falcifera) was a new backyard species for the year and there are two noctuids that I haven't identified yet.  There was also another Even-lined Sallow (Ipimorpha pleonectusa) but this time it was in a good condition.

Celery Looper (Anagrapha falcifera)

Celery Looper (Anagrapha falcifera)

Even-lined Sallow (Ipimorpha pleonectusa)

Wednesday 29 August 2012

There were 35 moths of 18 species in the traps last night which included 3 Underwings (2 Semirelict and 1 Briseis).  There was one new species for the year, an Olive Green Cutworm (Dargida procincta) and two species that I haven't been able to identify yet.  I've included a photograph of a Forage Looper (Caenurgina erechtea) that was in the bait trap.

Olive Green Cutworm (Dargida procincta)

Forage Looper (Caenurgina erechtea)

Tuesday 28 August 2012

There were 28 macro moths of 12 species in the traps last night which included 2 new backyard species for the year and another White Undering.  The new species were Even-lined Sallow (Ipimorpha pleonectusa) and Garden Cutworm Moth (Fishia discors).  The Even-lined Sallow was a fairly damaged specimen so I'm using a photograph of this moth from last year.  I've also included another two White Underwing photographs as I think these are a slight improvement on yesterday's images.

Garden Cutworm Moth (Fishia discors)

Even-lined Sallow (Ipimorpha pleonectusa)

White Underwing (Catocala relicta)

White Underwing (Catocala relicta)

Monday 27 August 2012

Although the total number of moths was fairly low, only 34 of 16 species, there were a few very nice moths in the traps last night. Two were new for the year and one appears to be a new species that I haven't identified yet. The two new, eagerly awaited, species were White Underwing (Catocala relicta) and a White-lined Sphinx (Hyles lineata). This is the first year that I have had two species of Sphinx moth in my backyard, the other being Sphinx Gallium.  Another moth of interest was the Eastern form of the Semirelict Underwing (Catocala semirelicta).  The eastern form is the less common form in Alberta and has a black streak running along the inner edge of the forewing making it easy to identify.  For me this was a good night!

White Underwing (Catocala relicta)

White Underwing (Catocala relicta)

White-lined Sphinx (Hyles lineata)

 Semirelict Underwing (Catocala semirelicta) - eastern form

Sunday 26 August 2012

It was another cool night with a low of 6 Celsius.  Just 20 moths of 13 species in the bait and light traps which included one new backyard species a Brachylomia populi and 3 Underwings (2 Semirelict and 1 Briseis).  I did have a Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) in the bait trap today which is another good backyard record.

Brachylomia populi

Saturday 25 August 2012

It was a very cool night which resulted in only 7 moths of 4 species.  However, two were new backyard species for the year, a Nameless Pinion Moth (Lithophane innominata) in the bait trap and a Venerable Dart (Agrotis venerabilis) in the light trap.  The Nameless Pinion is a hibernator so I guess this a signal for the end of summer.  Trying not to think about that at the moment... Hoping for a warmer night tonight.

Nameless Pinion Moth (Lithophane innominata)

Venerable Dart (Agrotis venerabilis)

Friday 24 August 2012

Heavy rain last night prevented me from putting the light trap out.  There were 2 Underwings and a few Glassy Cutworms in the bait trap plus a White Speck (Mythimna unipuncta) that turned up during the day... There were no new species so I'm posting an Alfalfa Looper (Autographa californica) from yesterday and a Mountain Beauty (Syngrapha ignea) from last year.

Mountain Beauty (Syngrapha ignea)

Alfalfa Looper (Autographa californica)

Thursday 23 August 2012

Back in Calgary it was a fairly quite night with 40 moths of 17 species. There was one new backyard macro, a Brown Sallow (Sympistis stabilis). I have seen this species only once before in the Waterton Provincial Park area. There was also another Subflava Sedge Borer Moth (Capsula subflava) in the light trap which was the freshest looking specimen I've seen so far. I've also included two other moths from my weekend trip in Waterton of which Black-disc Sallow (Brachylomia discinigra) was a new species.
Subflava Sedge Borer Moth (Capsula subflava)

Brown Sallow (Sympistis stabilis)

Black-disc Sallow (Brachylomia discinigra)

Puta Sallow Moth (Anathix puta)

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Due to time constraints I didn't manage an accurate total or species count for the last two days at the Waterton River Suites but on both nights there were at least 150 moths in the light trap consisting of 30 or more species. There were a good number of new species for me, some of which I've yet to identify. The new species below are a very colourful Scalloped Sallow Moth (Eucirroedia pampina) and Old Man Dart Moth (Agrotis vetusta). The other species are new for the year. Hopefully, I will get some of these in my backyard. The photographs were taken in 34 degree heat and I worked hard to get consistent lighting while shielding the moths from the wind. I think, hope the results are ok... :). I'll blog some more Waterton species as I identify them. I'm in Lethbridge tonight but needless to say I have the light trap out. Back in Calgary tomorrow.
Scalloped Sallow Moth (Eucirroedia pampina)
Scalloped Sallow Moth (Eucirroedia pampina)

Scalloped Sallow Moth (Eucirroedia pampina)

Old Man Dart Moth (Agrotis vetusta)

Fringe-Tree Sallow (Sympistis chionanthi)
Dichagyris variabilis
Cow Parsnip Borer Moth (Papaipema harrisii)

Sunday 19 August 2012

Still in the Twin Butte (Waterton) area and not including a few unidentified moths, I recorded 83 moths of 20 species. There were two new species for the year, Venerable Dart (Agrotis venerabilis) and Chevron Moth (Eulithis testata) plus a species that I have not previously recorded, White-Striped Dart (Euxoa albipennis). I've included images of, what I believe, are two different forms of Euxoa ochrogaster and an image of Western brown dart (Euxoa basalis) that was a nice fresh specimen.
White-Striped Dart (Euxoa albipennis)

Venerable Dart (Agrotis venerabilis)

Western brown dart (Euxoa basalis)
 Euxoa ochrogaster
 Euxoa ochrogaster (red form)

Saturday 18 August 2012

Another fairly quiet night with only two moths in the bait trap!  In total, there were 33 macro moths of 17 species.  Two species were new for the year, Dusky Silver Y (Syngrapha octoscripta) and Pale Enargia (Enargia decolor).  I'm staying in a cabin in the Twin Butte (Waterton Provincial Park) area for a few days now so will blog any interesting moths that turn up.  It's very hot and dry here, although, I suspect the temperature will drop fairly quickly overnight.
Pale Enargia (Enargia decolor)

Dusky Silver Y (Syngrapha octoscripta)

Friday 17 August 2012

Another cool night produced only 22 macro moths of 13 species and there were no new species for the year. There was another Briseis Underwing (Catocala briseis) in the bait trap which photographed quite well.  As there are so few moths for today's blog I've included a photograph of an eclipse plumage Wood duck that I took this afternoon at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary which is located in the center of Calgary...  Tonight should be warmer so hoping for more moths for tomorrows blog.  I'm off to the Waterton Provincial Park area in Southern Alberta tomorrow and will be taking my light traps with me.  I'll report on any new moths I encounter.

Briseis Underwing (Catocala briseis)

Male Wood duck in eclipse plumage

Thursday 16 August 2012

It was a dry but very cool night.  In fact, when I went through the moth trap at 5:30 am this morning it was only 6.6 Celsius!  Luckily, it has now warmed up nicely so the moth numbers should start to increase again.  Anyway, there were 19 moths of 9 species in the bait and light traps including one Semirelict Underwing (Catocala semirelicta).  There was one new species for the year, a Collard Dart (Agnorisma bugrai).  I've also included a photograph of a male Finland Dart (Actebia fennica).  Males have a broad pale rusty-orange border along the inner edge of the forewings.  How about that!  I can actually determine the sex of a moth...! :)  Seriously though, this is one of a very short list...

Collard Dart (Agnorisma bugrai)

Finland Dart (Actebia fennica)

Tuesday 14 August 2012

It was surprisingly quiet last night with only 42 moths of 16 species.  However, there was one new Arctiidae species for the backyard, a Pearly-winged Lichen Moth (Crambidia casta).  The forewing is grey on the underside.  Unfortunately, tonight looks to be very wet and windy so I doubt if the traps will be out :(
Pearly-winged Lichen Moth (Crambidia casta)

Monday 13 August 2012

This is a late posting for Sunday.  It was another good night with 2 possibly 3 new macro moths for the backyard and one new macro for the year.  I also identified 2 micro moth species.  The new backyard macros were Narrow-winged Borer (Photedes defecta) and Puta Sallow Moth (Anathix puta).  The new macro for the year was Brown Arches Moth (Lacinipolia stricta).  I've also included a better photograph of Euxoa comosa.  The two micros are Beet Webworm Moth (Loxostege sticticalis) and Lucerne Moth (Nomophila nearctica).  The Lucerne Moth seems to be quite a common garden micro.
Narrow-winged Borer (Photedes defecta)

Brown Arches Moth (Lacinipolia stricta)

 Puta Sallow Moth (Anathix puta)

 Euxoa comosa

Lucerne Moth (Nomophila nearctica)

Beet Webworm Moth (Loxostege sticticalis)

Saturday 11 August 2012

A cooler night revealed only 44 moths of 24 species. There were no new moths for the year. There were 2 Semirelict Underwings, one on the outside of the light trap and one in the bait trap.   I've added a Mouse moth photograph, as  this was a new species yesterday, and another Underwing photograph that was taken today.
Semirelict Underwing Moth (Catocala semirelicta)

Mouse Moth (Amphipyra tragopoginis)

Friday 10 August 2012

There were 127 macro moths of 34 species in the traps last night including a new Underwing species for my backyard!!  The bait trap continues to work as hoped.  The 4 new species for the year were:

Forage Looper (Caenurgina erechtea)
Charming Underwing Moth (Catocala blandula)
Mouse Moth (Amphipyra tragopoginis)
Euxoa comosa

Charming Underwing Moth (Catocala blandula)

Charming Underwing Moth (Catocala blandula)

Forage Looper (Caenurgina erechtea)

Euxoa comosa (Euxoa comosa).