Tuesday 21 August 2012

Due to time constraints I didn't manage an accurate total or species count for the last two days at the Waterton River Suites but on both nights there were at least 150 moths in the light trap consisting of 30 or more species. There were a good number of new species for me, some of which I've yet to identify. The new species below are a very colourful Scalloped Sallow Moth (Eucirroedia pampina) and Old Man Dart Moth (Agrotis vetusta). The other species are new for the year. Hopefully, I will get some of these in my backyard. The photographs were taken in 34 degree heat and I worked hard to get consistent lighting while shielding the moths from the wind. I think, hope the results are ok... :). I'll blog some more Waterton species as I identify them. I'm in Lethbridge tonight but needless to say I have the light trap out. Back in Calgary tomorrow.
Scalloped Sallow Moth (Eucirroedia pampina)
Scalloped Sallow Moth (Eucirroedia pampina)

Scalloped Sallow Moth (Eucirroedia pampina)

Old Man Dart Moth (Agrotis vetusta)

Fringe-Tree Sallow (Sympistis chionanthi)
Dichagyris variabilis
Cow Parsnip Borer Moth (Papaipema harrisii)

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