Sunday 19 August 2012

Still in the Twin Butte (Waterton) area and not including a few unidentified moths, I recorded 83 moths of 20 species. There were two new species for the year, Venerable Dart (Agrotis venerabilis) and Chevron Moth (Eulithis testata) plus a species that I have not previously recorded, White-Striped Dart (Euxoa albipennis). I've included images of, what I believe, are two different forms of Euxoa ochrogaster and an image of Western brown dart (Euxoa basalis) that was a nice fresh specimen.
White-Striped Dart (Euxoa albipennis)

Venerable Dart (Agrotis venerabilis)

Western brown dart (Euxoa basalis)
 Euxoa ochrogaster
 Euxoa ochrogaster (red form)

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