Tuesday 7 August 2012

In spite of some rain it was a good night with 115 macro moths of 32 species. This included 3 Semirelict Underwing Moths (Catocala semirelicta) in the bait trap. Unfortunately, there were no new Underwing species but it's good to know that the bait trap is still working as there were no Underwings in my light trap. There were 2 new species for the year, Subflava Sedge Borer Moth (Capsula subflava) and Broad-lined Sallow (Sympistis dinalda). Continuing with yesterdays attempt to put tentive id's to some tricky euxoa species, there was also another euxoa in the light trap which I am calling euxoa auripennis based the lack of streaking of the dark terminal band into the pale subterminal area as can be seen in the image I id'd as e. servita yesterday.  Probably a little tenuous, however, after looking through photographs in the "Moths of America North of Mexico", Fascicle 27.2, the terminal band streaking appears to be a valid id criteria.  Anyway, my best guess :).  I've included a photograph of Bronzed Cutworm (Nephelodes minians) which shows another colour variation.  Close to pink!
 Bronzed Cutworm (Nephelodes minians)

euxoa auripennis
Subflava Sedge Borer Moth (Capsula subflava)
Broad-lined Sallow (Sympistis dinalda)

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