Tuesday 31 July 2012

There were 61 macro moths of  23 species in the light and bait traps last night.  2 species were new for the year,  Two-spot Dart (Protolampra rufipectus) and Sharp-lined Yellow (Sicya macularia) and 1 was new for the backyard, Scallop Shell (Rheumaptera undulata).  I have seen Scallop Shell in the UK but hadn't realised it was a North American species.  Incidentally, other common names for Sicya macularia are Pink-bordered Yellow or Two-pronged Looper so you can take your pick :).  I also recorded a rather large Pyralid, Large Tabby Moth (Aglossa pinguinalis).

Scallop Shell (Rheumaptera undulata)

Two-spot Dart (Protolampra rufipectus)

Sharp-lined Yellow (Sicya macularia)

Sharp-lined Yellow (Sicya macularia)

Large Tabby Moth (Aglossa pinguinalis)

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