Wednesday 4 July 2012

Probably due to the very strong winds there were just 9 moths of 9 species in the traps last night.  2 were new for the year and 1 was a new species for the backyard. The new species for the backyard was Delicate Silver Y (Autographa pseudogamma).  I've been looking for this species for some time.  A. california is similar but has a short, fine black dash connecting the subterminal and postmedian lines near the apex of the forewings.  This dash is abscent in pseudogamma.  The other new species for the year was Many-lined Wainscot (Leucania multilinea). The Yellow-headed Cutworm isn't new but I think this is my best image of the species.

Delicate Silver Y (Autographa pseudogamma)

Delicate Silver Y (Autographa pseudogamma)

10446 Many-lined Wainscot (Leucania multilinea)

9348 Yellow-Headed Cutworm (Apamea amputatrix)

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