Wednesday 4 July 2012

This is a late post for Monday night.  There were 23 macro moths of 15 species.  5 were new for the year and 3 where new species for the backyard.  I think the id's for the new moths are ok but I'm looking to get confirmation.  I also took an improved photograph of the nominate form of Apamea Commoda.  The new species are:

Cloudy Arches Moth (Polia imbrifera) - New backyard species
Trichordestra dodii - New backyard species
Aster Cutworm Moth (Trichordestra lilacina) - New backyard species
Mottled Euchlaena (Euchlaena tigrinaria)
Leucania dia (Leucania dia)

Cloudy Arches Moth (Polia imbrifera)

Aster Cutworm Moth (Trichordestra lilacina)

Apamea Commoda
Trichordestra dodii

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