Friday 27 July 2012

A drier night revealed 74 macros of 23 species which included a new macro moth for the backyard, Included Cordgrass Borer Moth (Photedes includens).  I also id'd a new micro for the backyard, Choristostigma plumbosignalis.  I've included images of Double Lobed moth (Apamea ophiogramma) and Smoked Sallow (Enargia infumata) as these were nice specimens.

Choristostigma plumbosignalis

Included Cordgrass Borer Moth (Photedes includens)

Included Cordgrass Borer Moth (Photedes includens)

Red-spot Polia (Lacinipolia davena)

Smoked Sallow (Enargia infumata)

Neoligia subjuncta

Double Lobed (Apamea ophiogramma)

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