Sunday, 16 June 2013

3 moths of 3 species and an aquatic insect

The number of moths remains low with just 3 moths 3 species last night and no new species for the year.  However, it did include another Gallium Sphinx Moth (Hyles gallii).  I started backyard mothing towards the end of 2007 and after looking through my database I find it interesting that I hadn’t seen a Gallium Sphinx until the 11th June 2012.  Since the initial sighting I’ve recorded Gallium Sphinx on another 5 occasions.  I’m wondering if they are becoming more common as the trees and plants of the area I live in mature.  I guess this is just one of many possible explanations.  Either way they are a welcome addition to my backyard.  Not much else to report, although I did photograph an interesting aquatic insect today which I believe is a Kayak pond skater (Limnoporus dissortis).  The water has enough surface tension to support them (their legs also repel water) so they skate around on it looking for other bugs to feed on.  Quite a bizarre sight…  The shadows they were casting on the stream bottom made for a curious image.


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