Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Weather stops play again…

Well, it stopped me from putting out a light trap last night anyway.  Yesterday, there were 11 moths of 5 species in the trap so the numbers were on the increase.  However, there were no new species for the year.  The list was as follows:

Garden Arches Lacanobia radix    x2
Papestra Quadrata Papestra quadrata x1
Ruddy Quaker Moth Protorthodes oviduca x2
Vancouver Dart Agrotis vancouverensis x5
Purple-Lined Sallow Pyrrhia exprimens x1

One thing that I’ve only just realised is that Papestra quadrata appears to be a new backyard moth. I saw at least one last year in the Waterton area but I do appear to have any records of this species for my backyard.   That takes my backyard macro moth list to 260.

No photographs so I’ve included a couple of non moth photographs taken during the last month or so.

Calliope HummingbirdCinnamon Black Bear

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