Friday, 1 March 2019

Calgary backyard Moth photos from May 23rd to July 20th 2018

While the winter freeze persists in Alberta, I thought it might be nice to see a few moths from last year.

Nearly all the photos are stacked images.  That is, the product  of one or more photographs with slight different focus points combined.  The photos are, for the most part, somewhat downsized for quicker loading.  I intend to add 1 or 2 additional blog entries for last year in the near future.

My 2 new Calgary backyard species during this period were, American Barred Umber Moth (Plagodis pulveraria) and Tissue Moth (Triphosa haesitata). Ulolonche disticha was also a new moth for me but was seen in Lethbridge.  With regards to the Clover Looper Moth (Caenurgina crassiuscula), I always find separating Caenurgina erechtea and c.crassiuscula a little tricky but am leaning towards crassiuscula in this case.

Here’s a list of the photographs.
6237 Tufted Thyatirid (Pseudothyatira cymatophoroides)
6304E Split-lined Angle Moth (Speranza bitactata)
6820 Dark Metanema (Metanema determinata)
6836 American Barred Umber Moth (Plagodis pulveraria)
6842 Straight-lined Plagodis Moth (Plagodis phlogosaria)
7285 Tissue Moth (Triphosa haesitata)
8007 Unicorn Caterpillar Moth (Schizura unicornis)
8186 Williams' Tiger (Grammia williamsii)
8738 Clover Looper Moth (Caenurgina crassiuscula)
8901 Delphinium Leaftier (Polychrysia esmeralda)
9212 Gray Dagger (Acronicta grisea)
9359 Apamea commoda (ssp_ parcata)
9360 Southern Quaker (Apamea impulsa)
9431 Mottled Quaker (Parastichtis suspecta)
9525 Cattail Borer Moth (Bellura obliqua)
9545 American Angle Shades (Euplexia benesimilis)
10062 Brown Sallow (Sympistis stabilis)
10194 Intermediate Falconer (Cucullia intermedia)
10514 Western Woodling (Egira rubrica)
10530 Anhimella contrahens
10573 Ulolonche disticha

Tufted Thyatirid (Pseudothyatira cymatophoroides)
Split-lined Angle Moth (Speranza bitactata)
Dark Metanema (Metanema determinata)
American Barred Umber Moth (Plagodis pulveraria)
Straight-lined Plagodis Moth (Plagodis phlogosaria)
Tissue Moth (Triphosa haesitata)

Unicorn Caterpillar Moth (Schizura unicornis)
Williams' Tiger (Grammia williamsii)
Williams' Tiger (Grammia williamsii)
Clover Looper Moth (Caenurgina crassiuscula)
Delphinium Leaftier (Polychrysia esmeralda)
Gray Dagger (Acronicta grisea)
Apamea commoda (ssp_ parcata)
Southern Quaker (Apamea impulsa)
Mottled Quaker (Parastichtis suspecta)
Cattail Borer Moth (Bellura obliqua)
American Angle Shades (Euplexia benesimilis)
Brown Sallow (Sympistis stabilis)
Intermediate Falconer (Cucullia intermedia)
Western Woodling (Egira rubrica)
Anhimella contrahens
 Ulolonche disticha

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Backyard moth count for the 28th April

11 moths of 4 species in the light trap this morning.  6 of these were Dot-and-Dash Swordgrass (Xylena curvimacula).  The most I’ve had of this species in one night.  There were 3 Speckled Green Fruitworm (Orthosia hibisci) and the new species for the year was, a not unexpected, Western Swordgrass Moth (Xylena thoracica).

Added a photo from a birding trip last week NE of Calgary.  Always nice to see the return of Long-billed Curlews.



Friday, 27 April 2018

First backyard moths for 2018

Last night, I put my backyard light trap out for the first time this year and was pleased to find 5 macro moths of 5 species in the trap.  Nothing new but only my second Thaxter's Pinion .  I photographed 4 of them before they departed.  These are all stacked images i.e. multiple images of each moth that have been combined.

Great to get the mothing year started!

Thaxter's Pinion Moth (Lithophane thaxteri)
Gooseberry Stretchia (Stretchia muricina)
Dot-and-Dash Swordgrass (Xylena curvimacula)
False Pinion Moth (Litholomia napaea)
Speckled Green Fruitworm (Orthosia hibisci)


Sunday, 11 February 2018

Some new backyard species for 2017

I finally got around to looking through some more of last years moth photographs and have identified another 8 new species.  Not all were seen in my Calgary backyard.  I found 3 new species in one weekend while visiting relatives in Lethbridge.  In addition, I found 1 new species from 2016.

I’ll post some more photographs from last year in future blog entries.

Here’s the list and dates:

6252 Two-lined Hooktip (Drepana bilineata)    5th July – Calgary
7169 Soft-lined Wave (Scopula inductata)    9th July – Calgary
9207 Unmarked Dagger Moth (Acronicta innotata)    9th July – Calgary
8359 Two-striped Owlet (Macrochilo bivittata)    9th July
7892 Leafy Spurge Hawk Moth (Hyles euphorbiae)    12th-13th Aug – Lethbridge
8806 Mother Underwing Moth (Catocala parta)    12th-13th Aug – Lethbridge
11013 Abagrotis erratica     12th-13th Aug – Lethbridge

9391 Dock Rustic Moth (Resapamea passer)    1st Sept – Calgary

Leafy Spurge Hawk MothMother Underwing MothMother Underwing Moth (2)Untitled_Panorama1CTwo-lined Hooktip (2)Two-striped OwletAbagrotis erraticaUnmarked Dagger MothDock Rustic Moth (Resapamea passer) (2)Soft-lined Wave

Friday, 4 August 2017

Backyard Sphinx and Underwing moths for June & July

With the exception of the One-eyed Sphinx (Smerinthus cerisyi), a new backyard species, I’ve had all of the following moth species in my backyard light trap over the years but this is the first time I’ve had them all in the same year.

The One-eyed Sphinx was showing some wear and I was unable to get an open winged shot of the Briseis Underwing (Catocala briseis) before it got away but I think they still make reasonable photographs.  The Underwings can be tricky to separate but given its size, a wingspan at least 8cm, colour and wide black bands, I am reasonably confident that the first photograph is a Once-married Underwing (Catocala unijuga).

I’ve had a good number of new backyard species during our extended hot spell which I will be blogging about in the near future.


Wednesday, 28 June 2017

27th-28th June

There were 15 Macro moths of 8 species in my light trap on the 27th and 29 moths of 13 species last night.  The numbers appear to be picking a bit up now.  It was nice that, for once, the Geometrids stayed still long enough for a few photographs.  All the photographs consist of at least 2 images that were “stacked” in Photoshop.  Stacking allows me to get a better depth of field.

Crocus Geometer moth (Xanthotype sospeta) is difficult to separate from False Crocus Geometer Moth (Xanthotype urticaria) but I’ve tentatively put this one down as Crocus Geometer because of the paler yellow colour and relatively smaller and less prominent markings.

I’ve also included a photograph of one micro moth, Pyrausta nicalis.

Crocus-Geometer-(Xanthotype-sospeta)False Bruce Spanworm (Speranza loricaria)Yellow-dusted-Cream (Cabera erythemaria)Anicla-tepperiBristly-Cutworm-(Lacinipolia-renigera)Little-White-Lichen-Moth-(Clemensia-albata)Pyrausta-nicalis