Saturday, 15 June 2013

No Moths but a few Damselflies and Butterflies

It was too wet for a light trap last night but I did spend some time in the Weaselhead area of Glenmore reservoir this morning.  It’s tricky separating Northern and Boreal Bluets but after close inspection of the cerci on the male I believe it is a Northern Bluet - Enallagma annexum.  As I understand it, it’s impossible to tell the females of these two species apart without in inspection of the mesostigmal plates so while I suspect the other damselfly is a female Northern Bluet, I’m just calling it a nobo Bluet.  With regards to the Artic butterfly I’m calling it Macoun's Arctic - Oeneis macounii.  However, Chryxus Arctic - Oeneis chryxus is quite similar and while I’m leaning towards Macoun's I will seek confirmation.



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