Friday 10 July 2015

Blog for 8th, 9th and 10th July

There were 89 macro moths of 18 species on the 8th July, 87 of 28 on the 9th and 128 of 23 on the 10th.  As can be seen the numbers are quite high which is to be expected during this warm and fairly dry spell.

During this period there were 7 new species for the year.  1 of these was a new moth for my backyard, a Brown-lined Sallow Moth (Sympistis badistriga).  The other new species for the year were:

Johnson's Euchlaena (Euchlaena johnsonaria)
Pale beauty (Campaea perlata)
Parthenice Tiger Moth (Grammia parthenice)
Canadian Fan-foot (Zanclognatha lutalba)
Wavy Chestnut Y (Autographa mappa)
Anhimella contrahens

It’s always nice to get your first tiger moth of the year and the Wavy Chestnut Y (Autographa mappa) is certainly a colourful species.

wavy1 (1)wavyJEPTBJSPB

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