Thursday 9 July 2015

Blog entry for 3rd July

This was the best night of the year so far with 107 macro moths of 27 species in the light trap.  5 of these were new for the year and 1 was a macro moth that I haven’t recorded before, a Northern Pine Tussock Moth (Dasychira plagiata).  I haven’t seen many Tussock moths so this was a very nice addition to the list.  The other new moths for the year were:

The Scribe (Lettered Habrosyne) (Habrosyne scripta)
Little White Lichen Moth (Clemensia albata)
Brown-streaked Rustic (Hypocoena rufostrigata)
Disparaged Arches (Orthodes detracta)
Trichordestra dodii


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