Friday 3 July 2015

Blog entry for 28th and 29th June

I’m a little behind with my blog entries so I will be combining a few.  The moth numbers have exploded during the recent hot spell of weather.  On the 28th there were approximately 20 species of 95 macro moths in the light trap and on the 29th there were 31 species of 119 macro moths.  Over the 2 days there were 59 Bristly Cutworm Moths (Lacinipolia renigera), which continues to be my most numerous backyard moth and 2 new species.  The new species were a Two-spot Dart Moth (Eueretagrotis perattentus) and a nice looking geometrid, a White-ribboned Carpet Moth (Mesoleuca ruficillata).

The other photographs are a Ruby Dart (Xestia oblata), which in my opinion is one of the most colourful noctuids and a Morrison's Sooty Dart (Pseudohermonassa tenuicula) which is quite common but sometimes tricky to photograph.


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