Tuesday 23 June 2015

June 23rd–New Moth

I’ve just returned from a weeks vacation in the southern Okanagan.  I’ll include a few moths from the Okanagan in the next couple of blogs.

Last night there were 29 macro moths of 16 species in my Calgary backyard light trap.  9 of these were new species for the year.  One of these was a moth that I haven’t recorded before, a Small Phoenix Moth (Ecliptopera silaceata).  The other new species were:

American Idia (Idia americalis)
Yellow-headed Cutworm Moth (Northern Quaker) (Apamea amputatrix)
Apamea alia
Thoughtful Apamea (Apamea cogitata)
Garden Arches (Lacanobia radix)
Bristly Cutworm Moth (Lacinipolia renigera)
Many-lined Wainscot (Leucania multilinea)
Rosy Dart (Diarsia rosaria)

The One-eyed Sphinx Moth (Smerinthus cerisyi) is an Okanagan photograph.  These moths appear to be quite common in the area.

Small Phoenix Moth (Ecliptopera silaceata)LargeIMG_1214

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