Thursday 25 June 2015

Backyard Report

There were approximately 49 macro moths of 17 species in my light trap last night.  I say, approximately, as a few got away before I could photograph them.  The warm overnight weather means they are quite active even at 6:30am.  8 were new for the year but there were no completely new species.  The new ones for the year were:

Common Idia (Idia aemula)
Putnam's Looper (Plusia putnami)
White-lined Quaker (Apamea niveivenosa)
Glassy Cutworm (Apamea devastator)
Civil Rustic Moth (Platyperigea montana)
Cloudy Arches Moth (Polia imbrifera)
Divergent Dart (Euxoa divergens)
Catocaline Dart (Cryptocala acadiensis)

The Vancouver Dart (Agrotis vancouverensis) is another very common backyard moth.  The Blind-eyed Sphinx Moth (Paonias excaecata) photograph was taken in the Okanagan.


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