Monday 6 May 2013

A second new backyard moth species for the year

There were 5 moths in the light trap last night.  2 Speckled Green Fruitworms (Orthosia hibisci), 2 Subdued Quakers (Orthosia revicta) and a Variable Carpet Moth (Anticlea vasiliata) which is another new species for my backyard.  I also had a trip around Glenmore reservoir today and saw good numbers of Spring Azures (Celastrina ladon), Mourning Cloaks (Nymphalis antiopa) and Milbert's Tortoiseshells (Nymphalis milberti), plus one species that I still need to identify.  In addition to butterflies, I also came within a few feet of a juvenile Northern Goshawk with what looked like a freshly killed Snowshoe hare.
7329 Variable Carpet Moth (Anticlea vasiliata)Untitled_Panorama1sigIMG_8735flickrsig

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