Wednesday 8 May 2013

3 macro moths

Just one each of 3 macro moth species in the light trap last night:

Nameless Pinion (Lithophane fagina)
Gooseberry Stretchia (Stretchia muricina)
Hoary Pinion (Lithophane fagina)

No new moth species for the year but I’m adding another photograph of the Hoary Pinion as it shows the white stripe along the costa more clearly.  I photographed two butterfly species at a local wood.  I haven’t identified many butterflies but I’m fairly confident that they are Brown Elfin (Callophrys augustinus) and Moss's Elfin (Callophrys mossii).


Moss's Elfin (Callophrys mossii)Brown Elfin (Callophrys augustinus)

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