Monday 20 May 2013

A few Waterton area moths

Sorry for the lack of blog entries but I’ve been away for 6 days chasing bears in the Waterton Lakes National Park…  Due to the somewhat unpredictable weather and time constraints, the light trap was only out a couple of times but I did get at least 3 species that I have never seen before.  I was particularly pleased to get the Dogwood Thyatirid Moth (Euthyatira pudens) as I have seen the similar Peach Blossom Moth (Thyatira batis) in the UK.  The other new species were a 7935 Banded Pebble (Gluphisia severa) and a Pleromelloida conserta.  I believe that the butterfly is a Western Pine Elfin (Callophrys eryphon).  Incidentally, in case anyone is interested, I will be adding some bear photographs to my flickr photostream and nature photography website.

Dogwood Thyatirid Moth (Euthyatira pudens) (1)Dogwood Thyatirid Moth (Euthyatira pudens) (2)Gray Ethmia Moth (Euthyatira pudens)Pleromelloida conserta

Black-rimmed Prominent (Pheosia rimosa)


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