Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Very low moth numbers but a new backyard moth.

With the recent rain and cool temperatures there has been very little moth activity in my backyard so I am working on a few ID’s.  The first one turned out to be a dark form of a moth that I see most years, a Kidney-spotted Rustic (Helotropha reniformis).   I spent several hours trying to ID this moth and without Gary Anweiler’s help I’d probably still be searching!  The second moth is a new backyard moth, Mountain Girdle Moth (Enypia griseata).  Thanks again to Gary for the ID confirmation and the additional info’.  Another moth which was new to my backyard in August was, I believe, an Old Man Dart Moth (Agrotis vetusta). 

With the addition of the Girdle Moth (Enypia griseata) my backyard macro moth list is now 299.  Hopefully, I will find 1 more species before the mothing season is over…

9453 Kidney-spotted Rustic melanic (Helotropha reniformis)7006 Mountain Girdle Moth (Enypia griseata) 10641 Old Man Dart Moth (Agrotis vetusta)

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