Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Blog for 12th August to 2nd Sept

My backyard moth numbers and been fairly low since the middle of August averaging approximately 12 species of Macro Moths each night.  This can probably be attributed to some wet weather and a gradual drop in overnight temperatures.  I have added one new backyard species since my last blog, Abagrotis hermina (actually seen on the 1st August).  Thanks again to Gary Anweiler for confirming my ID. 

I’ve included photographs of some of the August backyard species.  Most of the images are “stacked”.  That is, they are comprised of one or more photographs which use slightly different focus points.  In general I only 2 photographs but the Alfalfa Looper is made up of 4 photographs.

Looking at trends, it appears that the Large Yellow Underwing is more common this year. So far I have recorded almost double the number (43) when compared to any previous year.  This is an introduced species which is probably still expanding its range.

The new moths since my last blog are as follows:

White Underwing (Catocala relicta)
Neumogen's Quaker (Oligia egens)
Kidney-spotted Rustic (Helotropha reniformis)
Cow Parsnip Borer Moth (Papaipema harrisi)
Pale Enargia (Enargia decolor)
Mouse Moth (Amphipyra tragopoginis)
Bicolored Sallow Moth (Sunira bicolorago)
Puta Sallow Moth (Anathix puta)
Venerable Dart (Dusky Cutworm) (Agrotis venerabilis)
Euxoa auxiliaris
Collard Dart (Agnorisma bugrai)
Abagrotis hermina – New backyard Moth.

Neumogen's Quaker (Oligia egens) is quite a small moth but is one of the more colourful Noctuidae.

Untitled_Panorama1D11030.1 Abagrotis herminaUntitled_PanoramaCal (1k) (1)CPBCPB1APEEOAUntitled_Panorama1DE (2)OB

Untitled_PanoramaCal (1k) (2)

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