Monday 22 July 2013

Blog entries for the 18th and 19th of July

The 18th of July saw 37 moths of 15 species in the light and bait traps.  There were 2 new species for the year, a Purple Arches (Polia purpurissata) and the return of the Glassy Cutworms.  Glassy Cutworm moths are normally one of my most common backyard moths.

The 19th of July was another good moth night with 54 moths of 22 species, including a couple of macro moths that I haven’t identified yet. There were 5 new species for the year:

Hooked Silver Y (Syngrapha alias)
Apamea scoparia (Apamea scoparia)
Aster Cutworm Moth (Trichordestra lilacina)
Red-spot Polia (Lacinipolia davena)
Master's Dart (Feltia herilis)


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