Friday 26 July 2013

A slower moth night

I retrieved the light trap at 10pm for an hour while an impressive storm moved around the area.  The rain appeared to reduce the moth numbers, as compared to the previous night, although, there were still 92 moths of 21 species.  There was 1 new Noctuid but I haven’t identified it yet.  I did manage to photograph a  Northwestern Phoenix Moth (Eulithis xylina).  This is a moth that never seems to settle for more than a few seconds but for once it stayed long enough for me to try some some focus stacking with 3 images.  I think the result is ok?  As it is a slow photograph day I though I would add a recent River Otter picture taken in Vancouver while I was on vacation.



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  1. Hello! I am a native Calgarian now living in Manitoba. On a recent visit to Calgary, we were in a park covered with white satin moths. There were hundreds of them. Do you know if they are becoming a problem in Calgary? My email is mama_bean[at]live[dot]com