Wednesday 24 October 2012

Well, sadly, it looks like winter has arrived in earnest and I may have seen my last moth for 2012.  I did get a single Juniper Carpet and a worn looking noctuid that I haven't identified in Lethbridge last weekend.  At some stage I will post a summary of the years highlights and if I manage to identify any currently unidentified moths from the year I will post these as well.


  1. giant moth in my house in calgary at this moment in time. don't know how it got in, how it survived, or even where it came from! light brown wings with dark brown splotches, dark brown to black head, about an inch if not bigger. i cant get a very close look at it.

    1. Interesting. I suppose it could be a late moth like a Bruce Spanworm or a hibernator like a Swordgrass moth that somehow got inside and thinks it's spring. Difficult to ID without a photograph. If you can get a photograph of some sort you can send it to me at