Wednesday 17 October 2012

There were no moths last night but I did get 13 macro moths of 6 species on the 15th and 13 of 5 on the 16th.  Of the 26 moths 9 were Fall Cankerworm moths (Alsophila pometaria) and 8 were Juniper Carpets (Thera juniperata).  There were no new species for the year and still no Bruce Spanworms (operophtera bruceata).  I did get a second Ipsilon Dart (Agrotis ipsilon) on the 16th and am still hopeful of getting a Bruce Spanworms (operophtera bruceata) before the end of October but the temperatures are falling fast tonight.  At the time of writing (7pm) it's already down to 5.8.  On another subject, I had a fairly close encounter with a Great Grey Owl on the 16th...

Great Grey Owl

Ipsilon Dart (Agrotis ipsilon)

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