Tuesday 26 June 2012

Just 6 moths of 6 species in the traps last night.  However, one of these moths was a Bilobed Looper (Megalographa biloba).  This appears to be a very early sighting as the previous early record for this moth is August!  The last time I recorded this species, which was only the 3rd record for Alberta, was in October 2010.  Perhaps not scientifically significant but it does seem to add to the unusual nature of the year with regards to moth and butterfly sightings.  The other new species for the year were, The Scribe (Habrosyne scripta) and Bridled Arches (Lacinipolia lorea).  Extremely wet again today so not expecting many moths tonight.
8607 Bilobed Looper (Megalographa biloba)

8607 Bilobed Looper (Megalographa biloba)

6235 The Scribe, Lettered Habrosyne (Habrosyne scripta)
10405 Bridled Arches (Lacinipolia lorea)

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