Thursday 21 June 2012

It was a better night for moths in Lethbridge last night.  I recorded 11 species, 5 of these were new for the year.  The new ones were:

9053 Pink-barred Lithacodia (Pseudeustrotia carneola)
8939 Hooked Silver Y (Syngrapha alias)
8912 Wavy Chestnut Y (Autographa mappa)
9660 Civil Rustic (Platyperigea montana)
8322 American Idia (Idia americalis)

The others were Abstrusa Looper (Syngrapha abstrusa), Mottled Rustic (Caradrina morpheus), Rustic Shoulder-knot (Apamea sordens) and a dart that I haven't identified yet.  I've called the moths below Syngrapha alias and Syngrapha abstrusa based largely on whether the stigma and satellite spots are joined or separated. I understand that the genitalia must be examined to positively separate these species.
Abstrusa Looper (Syngrapha abstrusa)
Hooked Silver Y (Syngrapha alias)
Wavy Chestnut Y (Autographa mappa)
9053 Pink-barred Lithacodia (Pseudeustrotia carneola)

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