Tuesday 15 September 2015

Sept moths and 300 up

Heavy rain has once again prevented me from putting the light trap out a great deal but I did get a very nice October Thorn (Synaxis jubararia) on the 13th Sept.  I have only recorded this moth once before in Sept 2008 and that specimen was quite worn so I am very happy with this sighting.  Other moths include an Ashen Brindle moth (Lithomoia germana) and Alberta Lutestrin (Ceranemota albertae).  The latter moth was a fairly worn specimen but I’ve included the photographs as they are good enough for an ID. 

The 300th backyard macro moth turned out to be a Frigid Owlet Moth (Nycteola frigidana) that I recorded on the 10th June.  Not a spectacular looking moth or specimen but as a new species I’m quite happy with it.  Hopefully the October Thorn will supply the colour in this blog entry.

The moths since my last blog (excluding the Frigid Owlet Moth) were:

Alberta Lutestrin (Ceranemota albertae)
October Thorn (Synaxis jubararia)
Ashen Brindle moth (Lithomoia germana)
Nameless Pinion Moth (Lithophane innominata)
Battered Sallow Moth (Sunira verberata)

OTAB1 (1)NPBSAL1AL8975 Frigid Owlet Moth (Nycteola frigidana)

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