Monday 9 June 2014

Calgary moths for the 7th-9th June

After being away for a couple of weeks I’ve finally managed to get the moth trap out for a few nights and am seeing some nice species.  This morning (9th) I had my first backyard Sphinx of the year, a White-lined Sphinx (Hyles lineata).  Other species over the last 3 nights were:

Vancouver Dart (Agrotis vancouverensis)
Intermediate Falconer (Cucullia intermedia)
Alfalfa Looper (Autographa californica)
White-lined Sphinx (Hyles lineata)
Friendly Probole (Probole amicaria)
Nevada Arches (Lacanobia nevadae
Sutrina Moth (hada sutrina)

There were also 2 species that I can only give tentative ID’s of Lobophora magnoliatoidata and Leucania dia.  In my location these are difficult to separate from Lobophora nivigerata and Leucania insueta respectively.  Thanks to Gary Anweiler for his help with these.

The numbers have been low and only the Vancouver Dart was a repeat species.  These were all in the light trap.  I must get the bait trap out soon…

IMG_65398kAUntitled_Panorama1KUntitled_Panorama1kaUntitled_Panorama1kbUntitled_Panorama8kALobophora magnoliatoidata


  1. Hi! Your photos are spectacular!

    I'm in the Douglasdale area, and my wife and I found a moth on our fence. I took some pictures of it, and have spend the better part of an hour trying to identify it. It was pretty magnificent, and I'm hoping you can help figure out what it is? Please see the following links:,fy0fFKx,48TRg5j,fy0fFKx,48TRg5j#1,fy0fFKx,48TRg5j#2

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Ryan,

      I'm away for a week so will have a closer look at your moth when when I get home. However, at first glance this looks like the Great Ash Sphinx Moth (sphinx chersis) (Wing span: 3 9/16 - 5 1/8 inches ((9 - 13 cm)). It's the largest member of the Sphinx genus and not one that I've seen in my backyard yet.

      A very nice sighting! Here's some more information on this moth.