Saturday 22 September 2012

There were  just 7 moths of 6 species in the traps on Friday and nothing new for the year.  However, last night was the best night for some time with 16 moths of 10 species and 3 new backyard species for the year.  The new species were Battered Sallow (Sunira verberata), Pallid Rustic (Hydraecia pallescens) and Juniper Carpet (Thera juniperata).

This brings my 2012 total for backyard macro moths to 197 and my all time total to 250.  I've already seen or identified 54 more species than in 2011...  Perhaps 200 macro moths for this year is now looking like a possibility?  Certainly this has been an excellent year for a backyard moth'er...

Pallid Rustic (Hydraecia pallescens)

Battered Sallow Moth (Sunira verberata)

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