Monday 21 May 2012

I put 2 light traps out last night while staying in the Twin Butte area. One by our cabin on top of a hill and one in a wooded area by a river.  Interestingly, I had some nice Geometrid's but only in the trap in the wooded area.  That probably makes sense but I'm glad I used these two different environments.  I'm still ID'ing the moths from the photographs I took this morning but here are a few.  I've also included a picture of a Snowberry Clearwing Moth (Hemaris diffinis) which I photographed while in Waterton PP.  I'll add some additional information re: the Twin Butte moths as get to them.

Snowberry Clearwing Moth (Hemaris diffinis)
6822 Ruddy Metarranthis Moth (Metarranthis duaria)

7822  One-eyed Sphinx Moth (Smerinthus cerisyi)
6964 White Slant-Line Moth (Tetracis cachexiata)

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